Senior-Centred Accessible Neighbourhoods. Internet of Things facilitators for empowering senior citizens

Senior-Centred Accessible Neighbourhoods. Internet of Things facilitators for empowering senior citizens

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Many Senior people through their life-long use of technology, are now in the position of better understanding how to use Internet of Things technologies. Analysis shows that by 2020 there will be more than 20 billion connected devices on the planet. This combination of digital literacy and proliferation of devices means that we all can benefit from using smart devices and in particular senior citizens who are approaching smart technologies. Recently, the large amount of data and web-based services are becoming more popular, as they provide an easy, accessible way for creating automated actions and responses between services and smart devices. These services which utilise easy to understand info-graphical representations of simple commands that can increase productivity, provide useful information and help in performing activities in our neighbourhoods, at home, while driving or doing outdoor activities. The proposed activity, strictly belong to the expertise of the tPOT research group from the Dublin Institute of Technology and focus on the potential of emerging web-based services for improving safety, health and well-being for senior citizens in their cities, neighbourhoods and homes. The expertise in Internet of Things, sensors connectivity and User Experience Design in the Silver Market area would bring a fresh approach in benefiting from existing off-shelf technologies for the Seniors citizens market, with the creation of accessible plug-in for existing service applications and improving the interaction processes between users and technologies.
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We have contacts and we can easily include them in the action group for this type of commitment, from Ireland: the NDA National Disability Authority, the CEUD Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, HSA Health and Safety Authority, Saint John of God Community.
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Dublin Institute of Technology
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Matteo Zallio, Damon Berry
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Last update: 19/01/2018

Current Status

Publication paper at the AHFE 2018 conference Submitted proposal to the Irish Research Council for funding for researchers working on this topic. Collaboration with the CEUD


Title Planned Deadline Current Status Category Attachments
Workshop study 03/10/2017 Achieved Research: Tools (methodologies, models, questionnaires, analysis, surveys)
Dissemination study at the AHFE 2018 conference 24/07/2018 Not achieved Dissemination: Meetings, events, conferences
Research grant 30/09/2018 Non-reported/No information available Products: Recomendations/ guidelines/ regulations/ standards/ agreements


Indicator Target indicator Current status
Number of interested Stakeholders in testing the proposed system 100 to 200 users 100 users 10 users